Consultation at the Hanse-Klinik

We attach great importance to you as a person with your individual concerns. This is why we do not have a “quick check-in”, but a 1-1.5 hour consultation. This gives us the opportunity to coordinate your ideas and the feasibility of your wishes and to show you the long-term results after a lipoedema liposuction.

Of course you can bring your partner or someone you trust with you to this initial meeting. We will explain our surgical procedure as well as possible risks and give you enough time to ask all your questions. It is important to us that you feel completely informed. Then we will write a comprehensive specialist medical report for you including a photo documentation of your medical condition.

You don’t need to worry about not being able to estimate the costs that will come your way. We attach great importance to absolute transparency. A detailed and binding list of costs for surgery is also part of the consultation.

The consultation fee is 95 Euros.

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