Welcome to the website of the Hanse-Klinik in Lübeck.

We are one of the leading clinics for liposuction.

We have specialized in the treatment of lipoedema since 2001, which enables us to perform a liposuction that is gentle on tissue and lymph vessels.

In an extensive consultation with you we will plan the further course of action and discuss the conservative and surgical options you have to improve your situation. This includes a comprehensive specialist medical report with a photo documentation of your medical condition.

We are also scientifically active in this field and are known internationally among experts through our lectures and publications. Regularly we host the German lipoedema conference for affected and interested people at the Lübeck University Hospital.

The team also maintains close contact with advice centers and self-help groups.

We are a quality-certified company according to DIN EN ISO 9001. This is a globally recognized standard that defines the requirements for effective quality management in a company.

Zertifikat ISO EN 2015



Christmas presents for the children of the Arche

Unfortunately, not all children are as well off as our own. Child poverty is high in Germany. “Di…

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Schmeller W., Meier-Vollrath I., Baumgartner A.

Persistierende Beschwerdeminderung bei Patientinnen mit Lipödem. Eine Bestandsaufnahme vier, acht, und zwölf Jahre nach Liposuktion

"Derm" (27) 2021: 494- 504

Patient voices

Fast wie im Urlaub

Ein ganz herzliches Dankeschön an das gesamte Team der Klinik. Auch meine 3. Operation bei Frau Dr. …

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Media Releases

NDR Visite 10/08

Lipödem: Rund 1 Mio. Frauen in Deutschland betroffen

Prof. Dr. Wilfried Schmeller und Patientin Julia Heller im Gespräch mit Moderatorin Anja Volkmeyer. …

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