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Consultation in the Hanse-Klinik

Getting to know you as a person with your individual needs is very important for us. This is why we do not “process you quickly” but instead our consultation takes between 1-1.5 hours. This allows us the opportunity to balance your ideas with the practicability of your wishes.

And of course you can bring your partner or another person you trust along to this first consultation. We will explain our surgical procedures to you as well as any possible risks and complications and allow you enough time to ask all your questions. It is very important for us that you feel fully informed. Afterwards we prepare a comprehensive medical report together with a photographic record of the findings for you. For conditions like lipoedema it can be submitted to your health insurance company for possible reimbursement.

We attach great importance to absolute transparency. As part of your consultancy we provide you with a detailed and binding cost summary for your treatment.

The fee for consultation and medical report amounts to 95 Euros.


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