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Hanse-Klinik´s prices


Consultancy and examination (60 - 90 minutes) 95 Euros
Basic operation fee per session (including overnight stay) 1,750 Euros
Pricing arrangements per session
Normally two or three regions are treated in one session.
In this case – in addition to the basic fee – the following fees are charged :
first region 2,000 Euros
second region 1,250 Euros
third region 500 Euros
A distinction is made between the following regions:
Upper abdomen Outer lower leg (both legs)
Lower abdomen Inner lower leg/calves (both legs)
Outer thighs (both legs) Upper arm (both arms)
Inner thighs (both legs) Forearm (both arms)
Front of thighs (both legs) Side of trunk (both sides)
Rear of thighs (both legs) Hips (both sides)
Knee (both legs) Buttocks
Additional expenses and post-operative care
Blood test 18 Euros
Compression garments depending on size and body region 50 to 275 Euros
General information

The total cost of the operation has to be paid in cash on the day of the operation or on the day of discharge.


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