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Because of the many advantages we only carry out liposuction using local anaesthesia (tumescent local anaesthesia). Infiltrating a large volume of very dilute anaesthetic in the subcutaneous tissue allows the fat to become more fluid for the liposuction procedure. This significantly reduces tissue irritation and the tendency to bleed both during and after the operation. It is, of course, possible to administer sedatives.

Painless liposuction is carried out using the especially minimally invasive vibration-assisted liposuction technique. Only 4 mm long incisions in the skin are necessary for the thin suction cannulae; stitches are not required only skin adhesive.

Directly after the operation you will be able to leave the operating room independently. During the next 4 weeks a compression garment should be worn.

Injection with own fat

With this technique the subcutaneous fat removed by liposuction can be used to fill wrinkles and hollows in other areas of the body.

Areas of application
Injecting one´s own fat, also known as autologous fat injection, lipofilling or liporecycling, is mainly used for smoothing out facial wrinkles. Lipoatrophy but also deep scars can be treated in this way, resulting in a smoother and more relaxed facial expression.

Fat preparation and injection
A normal by-product of classical liposuction during volume reduction is one´s own fat. After appropriate preparation the fat is filled into small syringes and can be immediately injected or can be kept deep-frozen for two years; it can be used again and again. After applying a local anaesthetic to the access site the fat is injected with ultra thin cannulas at different depths below the skin. Afterwards the tissue can be lightly massaged to ensure a more even distribution of the fat.

The cosmetic results are exceptionally good. Usually two to three injections at an interval of several weeks are required to ensure long-term success.


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