We are still here for you!

We are still here for you!

To keep it that way, we work under the highest hygiene standards to prevent potential risks as best as possible. Hygiene is our number one priority, and not just since the corona pandemic. In order to guarantee the highest level of safety with every treatment, we continuously carry out a large number of hygienic precautions.

Protecting patients and the team from infections is our top priority, which is why we attach great importance to the highest hygiene standards in accordance with RKI guidelines.

Your health is very important to us. Please help us to make sure that everyone, patients and staff, can feel safe at the Hanse-Klinik.

What we do for you:

  • With optimal appointment management, we keep waiting times and contacts with other patients as short as possible.
  • The general wearing of FFP2 masks by all staff is mandatory for us.
  • The provision of disinfection for patients and employees, as well as the disinfection and cleaning of all areas is a matter of course for us. For disinfection, we only use RKI-listed products with proven virucidal effectiveness.
  • A sufficient exchange of air is carried out indoors with the supply of fresh air through regular ventilation in accordance with the ventilation plan.
  • We wipe disinfect all (hand contact) surfaces near the patient (e.g. bedside tables, bathrooms, door handles) with a surface disinfectant with virucidal effectiveness.
  • We disinfect all doors and door handles several times a day and disinfect the surface of devices, control panels, switches, sanitary facilities and changing rooms.
  • Laundry / textiles are cleaned in a disinfecting laundry disinfection process.
  • We disinfect our hands after every patient contact!
  • ALL of our employees are fully vaccinated (including boosting), so that there is a lower risk of infection, not only for our employees but also for you - our patients.
  • We constantly monitor the state of health of our clinic staff and carry out regular rapid tests as a check-up.
  • We limit social contacts, including private ones, to a minimum!

What you can do for us:

  • Anyone suffering from symptoms such as fever, runny nose, cough, throat pain, shortness of breath, loss or impairment / impairment of the sense of taste and smell are not allowed to enter our clinic. We urge you to refrain from visiting our clinic with symptoms. In this case we kindly ask you to contact us by phone first. You will then receive a new appointment from us.
  • Entering the clinic is only allowed with an FFP-2 mask.
  • After entering our clinic, we ask you to wash and disinfect your hands thoroughly (according to the 5 moments of hand hygiene; instructions hang over the washbasin).
  • Please come to your appointment without an accompanying person. In order to protect our patients, we are currently unable to grant accompanying persons access. Unfortunately, visits to patient rooms are currently not possible. Of course, it is possible to stay in touch with loved ones using your room's WiFi and telephone.
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